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June 02, 2021 1 min read 1 Comment

Doll collecting is fun for all ages. 

collectible dolls

You're never too old to collect dolls. There are many reasons to collect dolls. Dolls can remind us of our childhood or an admiration for a certain time period or culture. When I was a child my cousin had the most beautiful porcelain doll. Even as a child I admired the artistry that went into making such a beautiful, fragile doll. I remember handling the doll with such care and wondering how old it must be. I'm not sure whatever happened to that doll but when I see porcelain dolls at estate sales and auctions it reminds me of our childhood playing at our grandma's house. 

What a doll. 

An expression of admiration is a good way to describe doll collectors. They have an appreciation for the artistry and imagination that goes into doll making. Whether you love Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids or dolls from all the world there is something to be said about collecting dolls. Modern, vintage or antique dolls are not off limit to collecting. When we come across auctions or estate sales with dolls it is hard to resist. That is why in our Monkeymash Gifts selection we offer dolls from all over. 

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Jessie Holloway
Jessie Holloway

August 11, 2022

Thanks so much for giving possible reasons to collect dolls. My aunt loves antique dolls and collects what she can and I never understood why. Knowing that it could be a reminder of her past makes a lot more sense.

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