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What Is Your Favorite Candle Fragrance?

February 20, 2017 1 min read

People often ask me what is your favorite candle fragrance? 

what's your favorite candle fragrance

Hands down my favorite candle fragrance is our Lemon Poppy Soy Candle. It's so fresh and sweet like lemonade on a summer day. It just makes me feel light and happy just taking in the sweet scent. Picture fresh squeezed lemonade and sugar. It's like that. 

Don't get me wrong I have other favorites but the first one to come to mind is our lemon poppy fragrance. I also like our Almond Vanilla Soy Candle. This is an original scent mixed right here on our farm It's also one of the very first candles we ever created. It's wonderful fragrance has held up all these years as a top seller. You'll love the nutty fragrance combined with warm vanilla. 

What is your favorite candle fragrance? 

We love to know what you like. If you have a favorite candle fragrance let us know. We've said it before our best ideas come from you. Often times at various gift shows and fairs we test out new fragrances. This way we can see first hand what you like. 

Join us this year at many of the festicals and fairs around Ohio. You can also stop and see us at the Nashville Country Living Fair this April. Stop and smell the candles and pick out your favorite candle fragrance. 

So tell us what is your favorite candle fragrance? 

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