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Spring Scented Candles Top 10 Spring Scents

February 24, 2017 1 min read

Spring scented candles can be fresh, floral and sweet. 

spring scented candles

I always look forward to spring. Winters in Ohio can be pretty cold. The sweet smell of fresh flowers, open windows and sunshine makes me take in a deep breath and brings a smile to my face. I start looking forward to getting outside, working the ground in preparation for planting season and the sweet scent of spring. 

These are our top ten recommendations for spring scented candles:

  1. Lavender scented candle
  2. Lilac scented candle
  3. Honeysuckle scented candle
  4. Japanese Cherry Blossom scented candle
  5. Citrus Basil scented candle
  6. Pink Sugar scented candle
  7. Lemon Poppy scented candle
  8. Plumeria scented candle
  9. Ocean Breeze scented candle
  10. Love Spell scented candle
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