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January 16, 2021 2 min read

Oh the options you have with tea and teapots. 

teapot collectibles

Tea enthusiasts you have a reason to get on board with collectibles. For the love of tea have you ever searched online for teapots? The designs, the styles, the different sizes and varieties are endless. I stumbled upon a tea enthusiasts collection and now I am in love with teapots. It's no wonder. I started singing "I'm a little teapot" as a child and had no idea the love of tea is so strong. I've been a fan of hot tea and iced tea for years but now I love collectible teapots. The love of tea spans thousands of years and over many cultures. It's no wonder there are endless styles of collectible teapots. 

When I think of tea I think of family, friends, comfort and relaxation. When my daughter was a small child and had an upset stomach the first thing to do was to offer her a warm cup of chamomile tea. And you know what? It always made her feel better. My mom has been a tea drinker since I can remember. Now after a long day of work I look forward to sitting down to unwind and drink a cup of hot tea. No wonder there are tea enthusiasts out there! A warm cup of tea and warm thoughts of family is pure comfort. 

Now let's talk teapots. 

Teapots are steeped into many cultures and traditions. Collecting teapots can be a lot of fun. There is bound to be a teapot out there that has your name written all over it. For me I just couldn't resist a goat teapot or a chicken. A teapot tells a life story. We found a large collection of teapots from an estate sale. I imagine the story the collector has with each and every one. Maybe it was a gift or marked a moment in life, a holiday or a fond memory. Whatever the reason it must be a good one. Even if you are not in the market to shop teapots take a look at the teapots in our Monkeymash Gift Collectibles

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