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March 16, 2021 1 min read

Love, Peace and Patchouli! 

Our fragrance highlight of the month is Patchouli. Go ahead flower child it is your month to shine. Patchouli soap has an uplifting woody scent with pure patchouli essential oil. As an added bonus patchouli essential oil is known to help improve dull skin. Our patchouli soap is hand wrapped in fabric, colorful, natural and down to earth. You can recycle or reuse the fabric for your favorite project. 

Don't stop there!

We also have patchouli available in our wood wick candles and body sprays. Go ahead let your inner flower child out and shop patchouli scented products this month. The fragrance is earthy, woodsy and a little sweet. Patchouli is a scent people either love or hate. And for some, over time it kind of grows on you. Give Patchouli a chance. Mattel did. In 1985 Mattel used patchouli oil in the plastic used to produce the action figure Stinkor in the Masters of the Universe line of toys. 

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