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March 17, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

Goat milk soap handmade in Ohio. 

goat milk soap handmade soap Ohio

Are you searching for goat milk soap? With a quick search you can find goat milks soap online from many great soap makers. Goat milk soap has gained popularity over the years. Not surprise considering how good it is for your skin. We started out with one goat over twenty years ago. Her name was Star and she was absolutely the best first goat we could have ever had. She was an adult goat when we got her from a farm in Zanesville, Ohio. She was sweet and gently and started my love of goats. She gave us so much milk we decided to start making our own goat milk soap. Most goat milk soaps are handcrafted by small business owners like us here at Chickenmash Farm. 

Why buy goat milk soap? 

Well, for starters most soap makers who make goat milk soap use natural ingredients and wholesome milk to create luxurious bars of soap. Most commercial soaps are not soap at all. Many commercial soaps are synthetic detergents. In general handmade bars of soap are made combining water and sodium hydroxide. Those of us that make goat milk soap replace the water with whole, pure goats milk. One benefit for using whole goats milk is the creaminess that is created in using milk instead of water. Goat milk is rich in fat which increases the moisturizing ability and naturally increases lather. Many soaps on the market use synthetic ingredients to increase lather. Another key ingredient we use in combination with the goat milk to create lather is coconut oil. All our handmade bars of soap lather nicely and create a creamy texture naturally. No synthetic ingredients are needed. Goat milk soap is gentle on your skin. It does not strip your skin of moisture but actually moisturizes your skin with vitamins and minerals. 

A quick online search will help you find a great quality goat milk soap. Give goat milk soap a try and see for yourself how good your skin can feel. 

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August 11, 2022

Would like to try your soap. My former supplier gave up during CUNID slow down.

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