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How Long Can Candles Be Stored Without Losing Their Scent

August 01, 2017 2 min read

Recently someone asked, how long can candles be stored before losing their scent? 

how long can you store a candle before it loses its scent

That's a good question. We've had candles for at least a year and they still burn just fine. Keep the lid tightly on your candles and store them in a cool dry place. Candles release their scent as they are heated. It's best if they are stored in a cool area or cabinet. I've had candle fragrances that we have discontinued and we burn them ourselves. I've had some candles for a year and they still burn just fine and the scent throw is still just as strong. 

Sometimes soy has the tendency to expand. If the wax expands over the wick just remove the wax by scraping it away from the top of the container to expose the wick. 

The key to burning wood wick candles is the length of the wick.

You want to keep the wick trimmed to about 1/8 of an inch. Sometimes we will leave the wick a little longer knowing that the wax could expand some. If your wick is a little to long just trim it shorter and your should experience a candle that you will love. 

We sell wholesale wooden wick candles. It's important to use to make the best candle for those who love to burn candles. We make our candles custom ordered and provide quality candles for store owners and those who simply love to burn candles. You don't have to buy wholesale to get a custom experience either. We can customize a message on candles for you. We think you'll love how fragrant our wood wick candles burn. You'll love the flicker wooden wicks provide. 

To answer the question how long can candles be stored before losing their scent i'd say a year easily. 

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