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How To Dry Roses For Handmade Soap

March 31, 2017 2 min read

Put your roses to good use and see how to dry roses for handmade soap. 

Our Victorian Rose Goat Milk Soapis an old fashion favorite. We take fresh roses after they are almost spent and place them in a paper bag. You can pull each petal apart or leave them whole. I've done it both ways. It doesn't take too long before they are ready. 

That's all there is to it. Just pick roses, place them in a paper bag and let it dry. I've never had an issue with molding. You can also lay the roses out and let them dry or place them in a vase with no water. We grow lavender and rosemary for our soaps also. Throughout the growing season I trim our rosemary and place it in a paper bag to dry. After it's dry I take the leaves off the stem. It's super easy. Let us know your favorite way to dry flowers and herbs. We love hearing your ideas. 

When do we add the roses to our soap? 

We add our dried rose petals to our soap when we run it through our blender for the first time. So that means before it saponifies. The blender blends the dried rose petals and leaves your soap speckled with petals. It makes for a really pretty soap. You'll love how herbs look in your handmade soaps. You don't have to limit your soaps to herbs either. We grow organic cucumbers for our Cucumbers & Cream Goat Milk Soap. We use a soap process called cold process. When done right you don't have to worry about the added produce molding. The curing process preserves the soap. 

Try it in your next batch of handmade soap. How to dry roses for handmade soap is a pretty easy process. 

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