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Timber Wood Wick Candles In Amazing Fragrances

April 03, 2017 2 min read

Transform your room with timber wood wick candles.

timber wood wick candles

Change a room with the the aroma and charm of timber wood wick candles. Turn your bedroom or bathroom into a spa with our Stress Relief Wood Wick Candle. You'll love the aromatherapy blend or eucalyptus, lavender and spearmint. Relax and enjoy the ambiance of the crackling wood wick. 

We have many fragrance to choose from. You can shop our candles online or visit us at trade show and stop and smell the candles. You'll love the intense fragrance and the decorative tins that look great in your home. Our timber wood wick candles are made to travel too. We use travel tins made right here in Ohio. We buy our tins local straight from the manufacture. You can take your favorite candle camping with you or anywhere you stay along your way. 

You'll love how timber wood wick candles burn.

They burn even right down to the bottom with the wax. You'll enjoy the relaxing scent right down to the bottom. 

Keep your kitchen clean with the cool scent of Citrus Basil or warm with our Home Sweet Home Candle

Crackling wood wick soy candles offer a maintenance free candle that doesn't require trimming wicks. Wood wicks naturally burn down to the bottom right along with the soy wax. You'll enjoy the crackling sounds, the flicker and intense fragrance. We don't skimp on our candles. We put as much fragrance as the wax will absorb. When you buy wood wick candles from Chickenmash Farm you can know we test burn all new fragrances to ensure you get a clean burning, intense fragrant candle that will will the room. Our candles burn even too. You'll get about 25 hours burn time from our soy candles. Soy wax burns slower than other waxes. 

Shop our collection of timber wood wick candles today! 

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