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The Art Of Candle Making

June 19, 2017 2 min read

The art of candle making takes practice and patients. 

candle making

Sure you can glue a wick in a jar and pour wax easy enough but what you choose matters. Here's some things to consider if you want to make candles. 

  • Use the right wax. If you want to make container candles use container wax. Read up on the pros and cons of different waxes like soy wax, beeswax or palm wax to name a few. Pick the best for your needs. Decide what you like. It's easier to sell something you like. 
  • What wick do you want to use? We've used cotton core wicks before and love them. I still use them at times for our own custom jars or custom orders. Wood wicks are really awesome and that's what we use now. 
  • What fragrances? It's important to find a vendor you can trust and carries a high quality oil. 
  • Test burn, test burn, test burn and we can't say it enough. 

The art of candle making is fun but requires research, practice, patients and don't give up. If you love candles and have a desire to make them give it a try. 

Be sure to use containers safe for candles. The size of the opening of your jar will determine the size of wick you need. We push the bar when it comes to adding fragrance. We add as much as the wax will absorb and that takes practice and it depends on your wax choice how much of a load the wax can hold. We love to hear how one of our candles filled the whole room with fragrance so adding as much as possible is important to us. 

To get started try different wicks and waxes and see what you like best. We mark the bottom of each candle  with numbers that tells us information needed when we test burn. We keep a log sheet at each candle. Here's some things we look for - how long did it burn? did it burn hot enough? was the scent throw good? did it burn too hot? 

This is just a few things to consider when making candles. Have fun exploring the art of candle making! 

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